REVIEW: Cake Devils

BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS Cupcakes for a birthday party!

By Enjoli Joseph April 25, 2013

My daughter Andrea had her 6th birthday this past weekend and she wanted princess-themed cupcakes. A family friend referred us to Cake Devils. I visited their website ( and was impressed with their cake designs – they are beautiful! We ordered cupcakes for the birthday party. The cupcakes were delivered well before the guests arrived (which really made our morning go THAT much smoother!). The cupcakes were absolutely beautiful. The pink and purple cupcakes appealed to the “princesses” of our party while every “prince” received a blue one. Not only were the cupcakes great to look at, but they were DELICIOUS! Each bite was moist and best of all, (and I believe most important for parents) was the fact that the cupcakes were not too sweet – they were just right! All of our guests commented on the cupcakes’ tastiness (and I believe a few parents even had a second one!). Though they were “only” cupcakes it was clear that Cake Devils put forth time and effort to create a quality product.  Cake Devils will definitely receive business from my family in the future! Their professionalism in delivering the cupcakes on time, along with their dedication to making a little girl’s birthday memorable is an experience that will not easily be forgotten. Visit to see what they offer! Then email them today at to place your order!

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