Ziggy Artistry

61 S Main St Behind SubwayNew City, NY 10956
Phone: 845-499-7246Email: ziggyartistry@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map
Ziggy's childhood was filled with unique experiences, particularly when it came to her hair. Growing up in a household dominated by her 'male' family members, her hair often ended up in what she fondly refers to as a 'disaster. '  Lopsided ponytails and an untamed mane were the norm, a look that didn't quite match the together look and personality she aspired to, even at a young age.  It was at the age of seven that she realized if she wanted to look good, she had to take matters into her own hands and embark on a journey into the world of hair.  

By age 10, Ziggy had a following of family and friends willing to pay affordable amounts for Ziggy to braid their hair.  Quickly, Ziggy became known as the braid master. If you could imagine a style, she could design and produce it for you. At age 13, Ziggy was given her first professional opportunity in a hair salon.  As a young girl, she found this to be an exciting and unexpected opportunity.  She describes getting a "high" from making people feel good about their appearance.  Through hair design, color, and cuts, Ziggy learned how to create an outer beauty that reflected her clients’ inner beauty.  She later developed make-up artistry, which further developed her into a hair and make-up artist extraordinaire.  

Ziggy has had the opportunity to learn at various hair salons that have supported her growth as a hairstylist. She has now applied everything she learned to her own business to provide high-quality hair and make-up artistry to clients at Ziggy Artistry, located at 61 S. Main St (behind Subway) in New City, NY. Whether you’re looking for a polished look for that fabulous event, need a new style for work, or want good quality hair care, Ziggy can provide that for you. To contact Ziggy, you may reach her at (845) 499-7246 or